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These wines are sold out at this time:

For a listing of our available wines, click here.

's no berry Wine - It's not a berry it's a chokecherry. This is a fun sweet wine to enjoy with dessert or as dessert. Serve chilled or warmed up on a winters day.

Honey Raspberry - Raspberries & Honey. Semi sweet and delicious. Serve Chilled.

LaCrescent - A off dry refreshing white grape wine. Serve Chilled.

Plum - A very sweet wine great with something spicy & salty. Serve chilled.

Apple Raspberry Wine - An apple wine with a little raspberry. Actually this wine is 95% apple and 5% raspberry. Serve chilled.

Dandelion - A sweet wine made from Dandelions. Serve Chilled.

Prairie Red - A wonderful and surprisingly fun and fruity wine. This wine is crafted from the SDSU Valiant grape. Pairs well with red meats, lamb & rich sauces. Serve room temperature.